Comprehensive Eye Examinations

For The Whole Family

Contact Lenses & LASIK Consultations

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Want freedom from your glasses? Our comprehensive eye exams will allow us to see if you are a candidate for contact lenses or LASIK. The exam includes the following: 


  • Baseline check of your vision

  • Check of your binocular vision

  • Prescription check

  • Neurological testing

  • Ocular pressure testing

  • Ocular health check

  • Expert advice on glasses, contact lenses, LASIK and maintaining healthy eyes


For those of us with near sightedness, far sightnedness or astigmatism, wearing glasses is not always optimal. LASIK and contact lenses allow us to get freedom from glasses, while still enjoying excellent vision. 


We can provide you with a consultation for LASIK and discussion of the pros and cons of LASIK with relation to your lifestyle. We are connected with the best LASIK surgeons and are confident in the care you will receive. 


Contact lenses are an other option to provide you with clear, comfortable vision without the dependence of glasses. Whether you can't do your downward dog with your glasses, or your son can't play hockey with his glasses, we have options for you. We even have options for patients wearing progressive or bifocal lenses. Contact lenses allow you to have the freedom of great vision, without the hassle of glasses. 

We look forward to meeting you and your family at your next eye exam.