This exercise will work on turning our eyes inward.

  1. Hold the set of circles about 40 cm away from your nose.

2. The card should be lined up correctly where the words ‘clear’ are right side up and the letters are at the bottom of the card.

3. Slowly turn your eyes inwards until you are able to see 4 circles, and then 3 circles. Stop turning your eyes and hold them at the position you are able to see 3 circles.

4. If you are having a hard time turning your eyes inwards use a pen. Hold the pen in front of you and in between the two circles.

5. Next, slowly bring the pen closer to your nose. What you should notice as you look at the pen is that the two circles will slowly become 4 and then 3.

6. Stop the pen and hold the position of your eyes when you see 3 blurry  circles.

7. Next, bring your attention to the middle circle to see if it clears up. You should notice the pen blur, while the circles clear up. Use the pen trick to help you, but think of how your eyes move inwards to attempt this exercise without the pen

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