Important Information Regarding your Appointment

- Please arrive at the side door on the north side of the building (by the parking lot) 5 minutes prior to your appointment and please knock on the door.

- Please make sure to wear a tight fitting mask to your appointment to prevent your glasses from fogging up and our equipment from fogging up. This will ensure we can get an accurate prescription for you. Masks are still required in health care settings after March 21st, 2022. All patients 2 or older are still required to wear a mask to their appointment. 

- Bring all prescription glasses that you currently are using (you don't need to bring old glasses you no longer use). 

- Please come alone to your appointment, additional family members will not be allowed into the clinic. 

- If the answers to your covid screening questions change between now and your appointment time please call our office immediately at 289-997-3385.

- Adults are typically dilated once every 2 years (or more frequent if indicated). Dilation drops will make your near vision blurry and will make you sensitive to light for about 1-2 hours after the appointment. While most individuals can drive afterwards, if you are uncomfortable driving we recommend having someone drive you to the appointment. 

Patients that are more than 15 minutes late will be asked to reschedule their appointment

- We require 24 hours for any cancelations to avoid a cancelation fee. 

CONTACT LENS WEARERS: If you wear contact lenses, please bring either a picture of the contact lens box of the right and left eye, or include the information in the form below. PLEASE TAKE YOUR CONTACTS OFF before your appointment, and wear your glasses to your appointment. A contact lens fitting is legally required in Ontario to give a contact lens prescription. At today's appointment you will receive your up to date glasses prescription, which you can take to any optical or optometrist office to be fitted for contact lenses. If you'd like help from the optical with a fitting they can do so, this is an additional service with an additional fee, that is done on a separate day as trial lenses must be ordered.