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Please note that Dr. Ceaus is on maternity leave until Spring 2024. Emergency care will be provided by Dr. Bobby Mundra who is caring for her patients while she is on maternity leave. Dr. Mundra has access to your previous records at our clinic. 

At this time we are only able to offer urgent care to returning patients who are registered patients at our clinic. If you have not seen either of our doctors we recommend you seek care from your family doctor, a walk in clinic or your local emergency room. 

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency or it hasn't been a full year since your last eye exam and you're requesting another check up, please fill the form below. Please be detailed in your responses so we can attend to your needs appropriately. PHOTOS: please add a photo if your eye is red, your concern is something on the external part of your eye or your lid is swollen. A clear picture from further away from the eye is BETTER than a blurry close up photo. 

Our doctors will review your chart as well as your request, and one of our team members will reach out either by phone or email. Emergency care is offered on Tuesdays to Fridays 10am-3pm. Your concerns may be addressed in person, virtually or we may recommend a visit to the emergency room. Our recommendations are made to ensure your eyes get the best care possible in the most timely manner and to prevent any imminent vision loss. 


IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING OUTSIDE OF OUR EMERGENCY CLINIC HOURS YOU SHOULD GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM (TORONTO WESTERN HOSPITAL OR ST MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE 24/7 OPHTHALMOLOGY CARE): sudden loss of vision (vision in one eye has become extremely blurry, or your vision has gone black), new double vision, severe pain or redness of one eye, a red and swollen eyelid with a fever, or new flashes of lights or floaters. These are indications of life threatening and/or sight threatening conditions, and are best addressed at the emergency room. By not attending to these immediately you risk serious complications and permanent damage. Please do not wait for our response if you are experiencing the above outside of our emergency hours, and go to the emergency room. 

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