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Phoropter eyesight measurement testing machine, Eye health check and ophthalmology concept



Our comprehensive eye exams include: 

  • Baseline check of your vision

  • Binocular vision and neurological screening

  • Glasses prescription check

  • Ocular pressure testing (glaucoma testing)

  • Ocular health check (anterior segment and retinal check)

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Recommended frequency of eye exams

Healthy adults: 1-2 years

Adults with ocular disease: every year (or as directed by your optometrist)

Diabetic adults: every year 

Seniors: every year

Additional services available

Contact Lens Fitting for a Contact Lens Prescription

Visual Field Testing

Colour Vision Testing

Extensive Binocular Vision Testing

Vision Therapy Assessment

Testing for Occupational Applications

LASIK co-management

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